Marrakech is still on the to-do list for many and rightly so (here you can read why)! The city has a certain charm that you must experience once. This charm is partly due to the fine dining spots with the most delicious (Moroccan) dishes. We list a few favorites:

Le Jardins du Lotus

Wow! What a beautiful place this is. Le Jardins du Lotus is a bit hidden, just like all riads in Marrakech actually, and this place can be compared to that. You have to go down an alley to get to the entrance (there’s a guard standing by to show you the way), where you’ll be welcomed by an entrance with magical ‘1001 night’ lamps. Once through the entrance you don’t know where to look. This restaurant is so beautiful! Here you can immediately escape the chaos of Marrakech. In the middle of the courtyard you will find, again like in the typical riads, a swimming pool and shades of green and pink everywhere in and around the restaurant. The menu consists mainly of western dishes, each even tastier than the other.

Le Jardin

A similar name, but a very different type of restaurant. Le Jardin also partly sells itself by how beautiful it looks. Almost the entire interior is green, very magical! The restaurant largely consists of a courtyard garden and there are also a few tables inside. The menu mainly consists of Moroccan dishes that are all delicious!

Café Des Epices

A sister of Le Jardin is Café des Epices. Where Le Jardin has green as the main color, this is clearly terra at Café des Epices. The nice thing about this restaurant is the rooftop, from which you have a view of the always bustling medina. Here you can also enjoy traditional Moroccan dishes.


Nomad is also known as one of the rooftop restaurants of Marrakech. With its 3 floors, the restaurant is quite big and is always full. A good sign! You can eat various delicious Moroccan dishes and unique desserts. Definitely taste it! After all, that’s what you have that extra stomach for.

M. Bacha

This event location has recently become a restaurant, focusing on Asian and Moroccan cuisine. So you can safely order a tagine with a roll of sushi next to it. The restaurant is located in a very quiet courtyard with pleasantly arranged tables and lounges. We can understand that weddings are also held here!

And so there are plenty of other fine dining options in this magical city. Reservations are not necessary everywhere, but advisable. It is also very nice in Marrakech to stop walking through the medina at a restaurant that appeals to you, there are plenty!

Good to know: food in Marrakech is relatively inexpensive. You approximately divide the amount in Moroccan Dirham by 10 to calculate what you have lost in euros.