The Polish city Krakow is the place to be for lovers of culture. Krakow, located in the south of Poland has survived World War II pretty good and because of that the historical squares and buildings are still there to admire. Especially the Rynek Główny square with the Maria Church and the Townhalltower is worth a visit during a trip to Krakow. You can also visit concentration camp Auschwitz and join an impressive excursion.

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The Rynek Glowny or the Big Market is in the heart of Krakow. At this middle aged square that takes up a space of two soccer fields you find the Maria Church that has two uneven towers. You can also find a cloth hall, touristic bric-a-brac and carriages to take a tour. During the day, shopaholics drag their shopping bags through the streets and at night students and party animals show you how it’s done. The market square Rynek Glowny has many pubs and bars and is even called the ‘highest pub dense city’ of the world. The heart of Krakow is beating 24 hours a day. It’s almost like New York, the city that never sleeps.

Walk past the Wisla river and discover the genesis of Krakow (and a dragon). The story goes that the dragon was once beaten by a shoemaker named Krak. The population was so thankful for his actions that they crowned him to king and named the city to him.



Food and drinks wise you can also get carried away in Krakow. For example, you just can’t leave without having tasted Zapiekanki. At least that’s what inhabitants of Krakow say. This Polish pizza-ish snack is best tried at one of the stands at Plac Nowy, in the Jewish neighbourhood Kazimierz. The same can be said about the typical Krakowish pretzel, also known as Obwarzanek. For around 40 cents you can get one at one of the many blue carts that are seen everywhere around the city. This pretzel tastes pretty good and definitely not als dry as it looks like.

Of course you can’t forget about the national beverage: vodka! Especially because not one vodka is the same. There are literally hundreds of different tastes. Even if you hate the taste of ‘normal’ vodka, there will definitely be one you do like. The cherry flavor is quite populair and there are dozens of fruit flavors, nut flavors, vegetable flavors and spice flavors. Hazelnut vodka might just be our favorite, but you should aslo definitely try the bison grass one. At a good vodka bar, you can order taste glasses to share with your company and get loose on all the different flavors. Remember to drink responsibly!

Krakow has enough to offer for a long weekend. If you have some more time, Auschwitz is worth a visit. Auswitz is around 60 kilometres west of Krakow. Besides Krakow this is the most visited place in Poland. A diversity of tours are offered to the formal concentration camp.