Marrakech: it’s the city of 1001-night and one of the Royal cities, located in the western of Morocco. In around 4 hours from Holland you step foot in a completely different world. From this colourful chaos it’s easy to move into the Atlas Mountains, but the city itself has a lot to offer and is a popular travel destination for a reason.

The Djemaa el Fna square where an authentic Moroccan market is located in the mornings, is definitely something you have to see. The square is literally the center of Marrakech. It’s an enormous square where dozens of streets come together. Especially at night it’s so much fun to sit on one of the roof terraces and enjoy the undergoing sun. From 5 ‘o clock Djeema el Fna changes into an enormous open-air restaurant. For only a few cents you can get your hands on the most delicious Moroccan dishes in the open air. Do not forget to practise saying ‘no’ if you don’t want to end up buying stuff you don’t need.

Just like many other Arab cities, Marrakech has a beautiful and old medina. Altough it’s a little touristy in the meantime, you can actually still get a glimpse of the old Marrakech. From fresh greens to the most beautiful ceramics and colourful spices; it’s all there. Definitely walk into the medina without a map and get lost in the small streets.



Recover from a hectic day at the market in the hammam house Les Bains de l’Alhambra. After a treatment in one of the traditional bathhouses you will feel practically reborn. You can go to a real hammam where you can also find the locals and let yourself rub clean for a small amount of money. On the other hand, it’s fun to visit one of the more luxury hammams that are actually not that expensive as well. For around 40 euros you get yourself a comprehensive treatment and a manicure and pedicure. These are the most beautiful hammams Marrakech has to offer.

To see the undergoing or upcoming sun from a hot air balloon is one hell of an experience in itself! You start at the Palm Grove where a beautiful adventure awaits. On an hour from the busy center of Marrakech you will experience a serene silence. When the first half of the group floats through the air, the other half follows the balloons accross the road. Afterwards the groups exchange. When everyone has their two feet on the ground again, breakfast in a village nearby follows.

Another nice trip is a visit to the tannery. Tanning is an old craft in Marocco. At the entrance gate Bab Debbagh you find these so called ‘tanneries’, where you can pay a visit to as a tourist. You will have to do this with a guide, but there’s plenty of them so that won’t be a problem. We advise you to accept the bunch of fresh mint they offer you against the smell. This smell is definitely not a joke!


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