There’s a lot to do in the Czech city Prague during a city trip with your employees, colleagues or business relations. The city knows 5 districts which each consist of the most beautiful attractions of Prague. Every district tells its own unique story! Wander from one to the other district and discover what story is being told. 

The Staré Mesto, also called Old City, is the historic heart of Prague. There are no cars allowed to drive through this districts, which makes it perfect for walking. Staré Mesto consists of a variety of beautiful baroque streets and gothic buildings. Famous sights include the Old Town Square, St. Nicholas Church and do not forget to walk on the Charles Bridge. Malá Strana is the small side of Prague. This is where you end up if you cross the Carlsbrigde from the Old Town. The district has many houses, churches and old palaces in Renaissance style which gives it a charming touch. The center of the district can be found in the dome of the St. Nicolas Church where you can also enter. Pay particular attention here to the large painting on the ceiling.

Josefov is the Jewish quarter of Prague, which you reach through the narrow streets from the Old Town Square. The neighborhood is quite modern with its good restaurants, hip cafes and boutiques. Yet you also see a bit of old in it and you can visit the Jewish Museum, in which you are taken into the poignant history of the Jewish population in Prague.



Hradcany is the Castle district and for many the most beautiful in the city. The highlights of the district are the St. Vitus Cathedral, the Prague Castle with the royal palace and the many beautiful palaces that surround Hradčany Square. The Golden Lane is also worth a visit with its many colored houses. On the hill to the castle you will find beautiful gardens where you can get the most beautiful view of the city.

Nové Mesto, or New City, with its origins in the 14th century is not as new as it sounds. In this bustling district, be sure to visit the National Theater and the National Museum if you like this. If not, the neighborhood also has a lot of nice shops, bars and restaurants to offer. Prague is also good to explore by bike. It has many cycling routes that lead you to the unfocused nature of the city. The city has a number of places where you can have dinner very atmospherically and have an unbelievably beautiful view of the city. One of these is Kampa Park, on the banks of the Vltava river with a view of the Charles Bridge.

The small lights in the city provide an extra magical atmosphere. The restaurant is relatively more expensive, but technically good value for money. Still more on the budget? Pizzeria Grosseto Marina gives you a wonderful view of the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge. However, the exclusive wines are a bit more expensive, so pay attention!