The Blue Lagoon, the Northern Light, the most beautiful waterfalls and geysers, Iceland has it all. Even thoug the country bears the name Iceland, it’s pretty hot. For example, the gulf stream of the Gulf of Mexico runs all year round along the island and geothermal energy comes from the depth. This provides the country with cheap hot water, heat and electricity. In winter it’s especially very dark, but from the end of April the days become longer and lighter.

In winter it possibly doesn’t snow for weeks, but once it does you can expect exciting blizzards. There are 130 volcanoes in Iceland, of which only 18 have erupted in the past 1100 years of existence. And Iceland has what no one has: 13 Santa Clauses, who appear from the mountains 13 days before Christmas.

Admire the beautiful Northern Lights during a tour, which you can book including diner, movies or overnight camping if you like. You can also pay a visit to the Secret Lagoon. This lagoon is one of the biggest attractions just outside the city. Known for the picturesque views and even more beautiful: it is not too crowded. You can rent everything you need and with a bit of luck you can also spot the Northern Light. A more famous lagoon is the Blue Lagoon. This geothermal spa features huge indoor and outdoor pools, a wide variety of treatments and a restaurant. The Blue Lagoon has it all! The number of tickets per day is limited, so that it is never overfilled.

The most common is to tour around Iceland by car, a 4×4 to be specific, otherwise you can’t get off the ring road to visit many sights. For example, you can drive the Golden Circle route. This leads you along waterfalls, geysers, a volcanic crater, traditional architecture and various adventure activities.



Some of the largest whales in the world live in the waters around Iceland, just half an hour from Reykjavik. Whale Watching tours leave every morning to spot whales. Dolphins regularly come around the corner during these tours and sometimes even orcas! Most companies do their best to implement their methods as sustainably as possible and ensure that the whales remain unharmed during the tours.

A special sight in Reykjavik is Hallgrimskirkja Church. This is the highlight of the city and literally the tallest building. It has taken 41 years to build and that is certainly reflected.

You may think that the clearest water is surrounded by a tropical (is)land, but there is nothing less true. You can find the world’s clearest water in the Silfra cleft. This crack is caused by the separation of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. The water is about 2 degrees Celsius and offers you up to 120 meters of visibility. Diving in such cold water is not for everyone and requires some preparation and perseverance, but that is certainly worth it.

Iceland’s best kept secret is waterfall Kvernufoss. Many people visit the famous waterfall Skogafoss, where it is almost always busy. A kilometer around the corner you will find Kvernufoss, just as beautiful or even more beautiful and (almost) entirely for yourself.

The best time to visit Iceland is during spring, altough that stronly depends on your preferences and what you want to do. For winter weather and snow you must of course go in winter!