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Starting date May 25th

Uniglobe Westland Travel values protecting your personal data. In this privacy statement we want to give clear and transparent information on how we deal with personal data.

We would do anything to secure your privacy and because of that we handle your personal data with care. Uniglobe Westland Travel adheres to the applicable laws and regulations, among with the General Data Protection Regulation. This means that we in any case:

  • Process your personal data in accordance with the purpose they are provided for, these purposes and type of personal data are written down in this privacy statement;
  • Limit processing your personal data to the data we need in order to meet the purpose they are needed for
  • Ask you explicitly for permission when we need this to process your personal data;
  • Took appropriate technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security of your data;
  • Do not pass your data on to other parties, unless this is needed to execute the purposes where they are provided for;
  • Are aware of your rights concerning your personal data, want to point this out to you and respect this.

As Uniglobe Westland Travel we are responsible for processing your personal data. In case you have questions regarding our privacy statement or want to contact us, you can do this by reaching out to the information at the bottom of this document.


Processing personal data of Customers and Suppliers

Personal data of customers and suppliers are processed by Uniglobe Westland Travel for the purpose of the following goals:

  • Personal data can be processed for the purpose of carrying out and communicate about the agreement.
  • Taking care of trips and travel related questions.
  • Making reports.
  • Administrative purposes.
  • Send out information letters and magazines both physical and digital.

The kind of data we collect depends on the products and services we provide you with. Down below you find some examples of personal data we collect:

  • Titles / Initials / First name / Call sign / Insertion / Last name (as in your passport) / Gender / Date of birth / Place of birth / Nationality / Post address etc.


Process of personal data of news letter subscribers

Personal data of news letter subscribers are processed for the purpose of the following goals:

  • Informing a person by means of news

Basis of these personal data is:

  • Application through an application form on news letter or spoken or written commitment to an employee of Uniglobe Westland Travel. Taking into account that unsubscribing from a news letter is always possible.

For the goals mentioned above, Uniglobe Westland Travel can ask you for the following personal data:

  • Name: First name, insertion, last name
  • Email address

Your personal data are saved by Uniglobe Westland Travel for the purpose of the processed data as mentioned above for a period of:

  • During the period one is signed up. Unsubscribing is possible at any time. This will be noted in our system and not being used again. If desired, we can fully delete the personal data we have.


Processing personal data of prospect-, stakeholder-, lobby contacts or interested ones
Personal data of prospect, stakeholder-, lobby contacts or interested ones are processed by Uniglobe Westland Travel by the purpose of the following goals:

  • Information provision in the form of news letters or targeted contact

Basis of these personal data is:

  • Spoken permission, an issued business card and/or a LinkedIn connection

For the goals mentioned above, Uniglobe Westland Travel can ask you the following personal data:

  • Company name, function
  • First name
  • Insertion
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Your personal data are saved by Uniglobe Westland Travel by the purpose of the processed data as mentioned above for a period of:

  • During the period one is seen as a prospect, stakeholder-/lobby contact or an interested one. Afterwards your personal data is registered with a note that says you’re not willing to be approached within the agreed term; to prevent recurrence of activities. If desired, you can be deleted from our system.


Provision to third parties
The data you’re providing us with can be provided to third parties in case this is necessary for carrying out the goals as mentioned above.

We use third parties for:

  • Fulfilling a trip;
  • Taking care of the internet environment;
  • Taking care of (financial) administration;
  • Saving your data Pci-dss compliant
  • Taking care of sending out news letters and invitations.

We will not provide third parties with your personal data, unless this is legally required or necessary for carrying out your demand. An example of this is the police that requests data to us in the context of an investigation. In such a case we are obligated to cooperate and hand out the information they need. We can also share your personal data with third parties if you provide us with a written permission.

Outside of the EU
We only provide parties outside of the EU with your personal data if this is necessary for organizing your trip. Because of the fact that these are excluded from the European Economic Space there can’t be taken responsibility for.

We only process personal data of minors (persons who are under 16 years old) if commissioned by a customer and assume this customer has received a written permission from a parent, guardian or legal representative, as soon as the customer provides us with the personal data.

Storage period
Your personal data is saved by Uniglobe Westland Travel by the purpose of the processed data as mentioned above, unless we are obligated to save these data for longer because of laws and regulations.

Personal data are saved for (possible) repeat assignments (filling out a travel profile) and possible correspondence concerning the trip afterwards (like handling feedback from a relation / third party and/or Uniglobe Westland Travel concerning the specific trip) and mandatory financial administration.

We have taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to secure your personal data from unlawful processing. For example, we have taken the following measures:

  • All people that take note of your personal data on behalf of Uniglobe Westland Travel, are obligated to secrecy of this data.
  • We handle a nickname and password policy on all of our systems (two-step verification to log on to the network);
  • We back-up the personal data to be able to restore these in case of physical or technical incidents;
  • We test and evaluate our measures regularly;
  • Our employees are informed about the importance of protecting personal data.

Rights concerning your data
You have the right to get the insights, rectification or removal of the personal data we received from you. You can also oppose the processing of your personal data (or a part of this) by us or one of our employees. Besides that you have the right to ask us to have your personal data transferred to yourself or directly to a third party. In this case we can ask you to legitimize yourself before we can obey your request.

If we are allowed to process your personal data based on your permission, you have the right to withdraw this permission at any time.

Use of cookies
By offering our electronic services we use cookies. Cookies are small and simple files that are saved to your computer by your browser. We use cookies to recollect your settings and personal references to optimize the operation of the website. You can turn off these cookies through your browser.

Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to keep track on how users use the website and how effective our Adwords advertisements are on Google’s search result pages are. The received information is, including your IP-address, transferred to Google by Google and saved on the serves in the United States. You can consult Google’s privacy policy for more information. Google can provide this information to third parties in case Google is obligated to do so, or to the extent that third parties process data on behalf of Google. We have no influence on this. We did mask the last octet of the IP-address, turned of ‘sharing data’ and we do not use Google’s services combined with Google Analytics cookies.

Social Media
Our website has buttons to share or consult information through social networks. These buttons are realized by code that’s been delivered by the social networks themselves. This code could insert a cookie.

If you are having complaints about how your data is processed, we would like to ask you to contact us directly. If we can’t figure out a solution in accordance with you, we are of course very sorry. In that case you can file a complaint at the Authority of Personal Data, which is the supervising authority in the field of privacy protection.

Uniglobe Westland Travel keeps the right to make amendments to this privacy statement. The adjusted privacy statement will then be published on our website and changes will be valid from the moment of placement.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our privacy statement, you can contact us!

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